Wednesday, March 16, 2016

LSS Arch Lite

Simplified version of LSS Arch extension for SketchUp went live on Extension Warehouse This version may become a perfect solution for those users who are going to use extension only for architectural modeling so no extra functions like labeling or reporting are needed. All tools for basic building's elements modeling are included in lite version.
Lite version doesn't have tools for advanced modeling like mesh tool, grid and contour tools and lacks service utilities, which are present in full version. But SketchUp power user can combine other existing extensions (including free ones), which provide tools for advanced geometry modeling with LSS Arch Lite in order to achieve the maximum effect.

So what exactly is included in lite version and what's left behind.
Lite version will have the following tools:
  • wall
  • column
  • beam
  • slab
  • slope
  • opening
  • thick face
"Rebuild" command and "Properties" dialog will also be included in lite version.
The rest features will be only in full version:
  • mesh tool
  • grid tool
  • contour tool
  • reports generation
  • labeling
  • layers dialog
  • utilities
    • save/restore LSS Arch objects
    • convert imported IFC objects to LSS Arch objects
    • set IFC attributes to LSS Arch objects
    • batch explode selected LSS Arch objects
    • load points from CSV or OBJ file
  • ability to adjust manually origin and rotation of texture mapping

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