Wednesday, August 17, 2016

LSS Arch 1.6.1

Minor update of LSS Arch extension for SketchUp went live today. First of all it contains a couple of fixes and a couple of small improvements.
For those who have missed for some reason announcement of version 1.6 here is a small presentation with description of new features.

Continue reading to learn more about fixes and new features of this minor update.

New Features

  •     ability to activate/deactivate and show/hide all levels at once by clicking a corresponding icon at levels list header is added to "Levels" dialog

  •     speed button, which allows to turn on all object types for batch operations using a master level is added to "Levels" dialog


  •     position of a dynamic component inside of an opening object now remains correct after changing of outer reveals depth of an opening
  •     regression, which caused accessory geometry like opening's contour unintentionally visible, when outer reveals has non-zero width, is now fixed

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