Friday, August 5, 2016

LSS Arch 1.6

New version of LSS Arch extension for SketchUp went live on Extension Warehouse:

The above video makes clear why it is safely possible to claim, that LSS Arch became awesome on multiple levels after this particular update. Continue reading to learn more about features introduced in this update.

Levels Dialog

Of course the main innovation introduced in this update is "Levels" dialog, which allows to create floor levels structure in an active model.

Use dialog to
  • add/remove levels,
  • control states of levels (such as "master", "active", "visible")
  • adjust elevation/height of levels
  • perform advanced operations with levels (like select/erase/recreate objects of certain specified types on/from a master level)
It is even possible to rebuild objects in an active model to fit levels structure after its changes but this operation may take significant amount of time that's why it is recommended to finish creation/adjustment of levels structure before creation of objects in an active model.
The main advantage provided by levels logic is an ability to create and (what is more important) edit LSS Arch objects on multiple levels simultaneously.

Openings with Dynamic Component Stuffing

Installation package of new version contains opening presets, which have dynamic components inside. Extension scales nested dynamic component to fit a size of LSS Arch opening, which hosts mentioned dynamic component, automatically. The rest interaction with dynamic components takes place as usually using SketchUp's native tools and commands. Refer to SketchUp's knowledge base to learn more about dynamic components in general:

Filled Section

Now LSS Arch has its own implementation of filled section. Furthermore extension creates section plane and filled section for floor plan scenes automatically by clicking at corresponding command button of "Levels" dialog. And it is possible to generate a filled section for currently active/selected section plane in an active model as well using a command from "Utilities" menu item of "LSS Arch" menu entry.
Note that section fill can be cleaned from internal edges, which represent boundaries of objects sliced by a section plane or mentioned edges can be left as is optionally.
Use corresponding option of "Settings" dialog to affect internal edges cleaning during initial section fill creation and use "Properties" dialog to re-adjust this option of existing section fill.

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