Sunday, October 27, 2013

LSS Zone 1.1

Despite the fact that it is a minor update it is an important one, because in addition to some interesting new features it has fixes of some more or less critical issues.

New Features

  • 'Layers Toolbar' added
  • 'Filter Zones' dialog added
  • handling of three zone types added (room, box, flat)


  • 'List Template' dialog updates results after 'Query string' changes as expected
  • report generator display properly grouped string values in a zones' list now
  • proper handling of a zero height of a zone implemented
  • picking a floor face in a model with multiple identical component instances works well now
You can download the latest version at official Download page.

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

LSS Zone at Extension Warehouse

Great news: 'LSS Zone' extension successfully passed quality assurance tests and was approved for publishing in Extension Warehouse. So now it is possible to install it easily and safely directly from SketchUp 2013 EW dialog.
Here is a link to extension's page at Extension Warehouse: