Friday, September 14, 2012

'Layered Cake' Concept Explanation

The most interesting approach implemented in version 2.0 of 'LSS Toolbar' is that result of each tool processing is a parametric object, so it is possible to continue interaction with it any time later after tool termination. Each 'LSS Object' has two basic parts:

  • 'passive' part — new geometric entities (a direct result of tool processing)
  • 'active' part — existing (initial) and/or newly generated (utility) entities

So it is possible to continue interaction with an object by modifying its 'active' part.
The significant side effect of the above mentioned approach is that it is possible to make 'layered-cake' objects: use 'passive' parts of some already made objects as an 'active' part of new ones. Extension refreshes the whole 'layered-cake' object in a cascade manner after an active part of a 'bottom level' object changes. It is also possible to play with 'active' parts at any level to affect 'top level' results obviously. The combine use of multiple 'LSS Toolbar' tools for object creation demonstrates synergistic effects of the whole extension.

'LSS Toolbar' Productivity Hints

Usual way of 'LSS Toolbar' typical tool processing has following steps:

  • activate a tool dialog
  • pick all necessary entites in an active model one by one
  • adjust then apply settings to generate results
But actually it is possible to select all necessary entities before tool activation if you know in advance what entites are needed for tool processing. The more entities are to be picked the more handy 'preseleciton feature' becomes, because it is possible to select all necessary stuff at once using selection rectangle instead of picking objects one by one.
'Make 3D Mesh' tool demonstrates 'preselection trick' advantage in a most clear way when it is necessary to make terrain surface from existing point cloud. Preselection becomes actually the only reasonable way to solve such task when point cloud has hundreds or thousands of points.

Note that obtaining a point cloud from CSV file feature added in 'beta 1' of 'LSS Toolbar 2.0'.
It is not an intellectual CSV parser yet, so this functionality has a lot of limitations and it processes only properly formatted CSV files. Appropriate file has to contain only XYZ values separated by comma.
Here is an overview of steps to prepare CSV file for processing with 'LSS Toolbar' when it does not match required formatting.

Monday, August 27, 2012

LSS Toolbar 2.0

Link to download

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Some more samples of 'LSS Toolbar' usage

Here is a link to one hour long playlist of YouTube videos related to 'LSS Toolbar':

Friday, July 20, 2012

'Follow Edges' Tool

Check out new video:
Looks awesome, isn't it?
Ok, I know, I promissed to start testing and documenting stage of 'LSS Toolbar 2.0' thing (instead of broadcasting new awesome demo videos). So why I broke my own promise?
They say there is a fine line between hobby and mental illness, that's why, I guess...

Link to download current stage:

Friday, July 13, 2012

Properties Dialog

Properties dialog of 'LSS Toolbar' becomes more and more user-friendly.
It displays now:
  • readable names of  properties (instead of internal attributes' names)
  • distance values in currently active model units
  • color-picker vidget for color properties
  • name of 'parent' LSS Toolbar entity as a caption of properties list
Looks like the first 'mile-stone' is reached. Happily the 'mile-stone' version number is 10.
Link to download current stage:

Now I'm happy to announce, that large-scale testing is started.

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Stick Group Tool

The last one tool of 'LSS Toolbar' is ready!
Here you can take a look at its previous implementation (it was called mshstick.rb at earlier times).
Current version is way more attractive (I would even say 'sexy'). It's faster and more intuitive.
Feel free to take a look:
Now, I'm going to disapear for a while... I'll start documenting and testing (it'll take some time, I guess).

Monday, July 2, 2012

'Control Points' Tool Revival

Does anyone here beleive in reincarnation?
Beleive it or not, here is another one marvelous reincarnation: ctrlpnts.rb reborn as 'Control Points' tool of 'LSS Toolbar'. Modernized version is way more intuitive and feature reach than its predecessor. And what is more important it utilizes the same user interaction 'logic' as other 'LSS Toolbar' members.

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Geometrically Interpolated Curve Reincarnation

Congratulations to us all! Two most ancient scripts (pnts2mesh.rb and crvsmth.rb) were successfully or you may even say 'smoothly' adapted into new 'LSS Toolbar' infrastructure. The most significant side effect (positive one) of Geometrically Interpolated Curve script adaptation is that it caused creation of interaction pattern, which is also suitable for 3D surface interactive drawing as it turned out.
No more words, just demo video:

Um, few more words...
The second important thing is that all geometry stuff related to 'LSS Toolbar' tends to behave in a more interconnected manner (changes of one 'LSS Toolbar Object' cause instant refresh of other linked object(s) and that causes significantly more smooth user experience in turn, you can trust me as I'm an active user too, sometimes even hyperactive).

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Inverted Sierpinski Carpet in Sketchup

The interesting thing about Sierpinski Carpet is that its area technically equals 0...
Does it mean, that cumulative area of its holes equals the area of whole carpet within its boundaries or what?...
And it is actually not the only mystical mind-bending property of this purely theoretical shape. The other thing (I bet you will enjoy it too) is that, as crazy as it sounds, the Sierpinski Carpet is supposed to have a fractional dimension of 1.89. Yes it doesn't occupy two dimensions. Or one... It manages to exist in fractional dimensions.
Anyway here is a little tutorial, which shows how to draw 3, 4, 5 iterations of 'inverted' Sierpinski Carpet in Sketchup. The term 'inverted' means that its holes are processed instead of its 'non-hole' part.

Thursday, June 7, 2012

First Version of 'Make Recursive...' Tool Complete!

I'm proud to announce, that this 'brain damaging' (for implementation) tool is ready. So now it's time to get back to adaptation of old tools ('Blend', 'Points to Mesh', 'Control Points', 'Geometrically Smoothed Curve', 'Stick Groups to Mesh').
The above video shows how to use 'Make Recursive...' tool and gives some theoretical explanations about how it works.
Here is a link to download this stage of 'LSS Toolbar':
This is 'pre-alpha' version (use it on your own risk).

Monday, May 28, 2012

'Make Recursive...' Tool of 'LSS Toolbar'

 The idea of this brand new tool is making possible recursively defined group creation. Plugin applies 'parent' group transformation to each new nested group. The above screen-shot illustrates only four levels of 'Recursive depth' and only four nested groups within 'root' group.

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

LSS Toolbar Voxelate Tool

This video shows brand new 'Voxelate' tool processing demonstration.

'Voxelate' tool generates a group made of 3D 'pixels' from picked geometry group.
Combined use of 'Voxelate' and 'Sketchyphysics' plugin can make your day!

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

LSS Matrix 1.1

The new version of 'LSS Matrix' plugin for SketchUP is able to analyse what's going on inside geometry groups.
This first step has a lot of limitations, but also process faces materials.

It is necessary to enable internal changes tracking by setting 'Scan for changes inside groups' option to 'Yes' within 'LSS Matrix' global settings dialog.

Here is a video, which demonstrates new feature processing

Link to download LSS Matrix ver. 1.1 alpha:

Sunday, April 8, 2012

LSS Matrix

It is an extension of Sketchup, which allows advanced copying of groups and component instances.

- Download «»
- Unpack contents of «Plugins» subfolder into SketchUp «Plugins» subfolder
- Unpack contents of «Resouces» subfolder into SketchUp «Resources» subfolder
- Enable 'LSS Matrix Toolbar': choose Sketchup Main Menu>> View>> Toolbars>> LSS Matrix Toolbar

«LSS Matrix» has preprocessing stage:
it is necessary to make an initial copy instance and «controlling» copy instance(s) before «LSS Matrix» dialog launching.

After preparations:
- Choose Plugins>> LSS Matrix>> Lss Matrix Dialog command from the main menu or click appropriate button of «LSS Toolbar»
- Pick the initial instance
- Pick copy instance(s)
- Adjust settings
- Click «Apply» to generate array of copies

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Chronolux ver. 1.1 for SketchUP

Chronolux 1.1 for Sketchup

Version 1.1 updates.

New features:

  •  Interactive Resize Tool
  •  Pick Test Surface Tool
  •  Pick Window Face Tool


  •  Global Settings dialog
  •  Time Settings dialog


  • Refresh command works properly even if test points were added inside a group
  • Report maker generates report without duplicating information about SVF and WVF

Overview of New Features Demo Video

Visit LSS site for more information and download.