Monday, December 2, 2013

LSS Zone 1.2.0 beta

I'm really happy to announce this minor update, because it contains a feature, that I was working on since the very beginning. I'm talking about automatic contour tracing.

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

LSS Zone 1.1.1

Small Announcement

This is a really minor update. But looks like it might become significant milestone just because I plan to switch to other projects.
Anyway here is an information about this update.

New Features

  • floor, ceiling and walls cumulative area added to 'Properties' dialog
  • supressing units in an active model now affects zone labels, list and properties representation


  • hang after applying new properties to a set of transformed zones removed
  • an error fixed in 'Attach Labels' dialog if a label has a length value measured in feet and inches (appeared in a model with feet and inches)
You can download the latest version here >>
Read more about new features and fixes here >>

Sunday, October 27, 2013

LSS Zone 1.1

Despite the fact that it is a minor update it is an important one, because in addition to some interesting new features it has fixes of some more or less critical issues.

New Features

  • 'Layers Toolbar' added
  • 'Filter Zones' dialog added
  • handling of three zone types added (room, box, flat)


  • 'List Template' dialog updates results after 'Query string' changes as expected
  • report generator display properly grouped string values in a zones' list now
  • proper handling of a zero height of a zone implemented
  • picking a floor face in a model with multiple identical component instances works well now
You can download the latest version at official Download page.

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

LSS Zone at Extension Warehouse

Great news: 'LSS Zone' extension successfully passed quality assurance tests and was approved for publishing in Extension Warehouse. So now it is possible to install it easily and safely directly from SketchUp 2013 EW dialog.
Here is a link to extension's page at Extension Warehouse:

Monday, September 30, 2013

LSS Zone

Today I'm proud to present a reason of my recent social media inactivity (and actually some other kinds of inactivity as well): "LSS Zone".
It took a while to code this extension and now first beta version is available to try out.

Lss zone from Кирилл Баннов

You can download version 1.0.0 beta here.

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Chronolux 1.2.1

First of all this new version was adapted to Extension Warehouse requirements. Plus it has some significant new features and numerous minor fixes.

Here is a list of related links:

The best way to install new version is to do it from Extension Warehouse window right in SketchUp2013.

SketchUp 2013 and Extension Warehouse

You might probably already know about new version of SketchUp and its brand new feature called 'Extension Warehouse'. Well now we all have a place to get cool stuff from. Hallelujah!
Here are some reasons to get extensions from Extension Warehouse only:
  • it is a place where only serious developers may post their applications, because each candidate has to be approved before he will be allowed to post anything to Extension Warehouse
  • all extensions have to pass quality assurance test before publishing in Extension Warehouse, so all of them safe guaranteed and meet some certain quality standards
  • installation process from Extension Warehouse is easy and safe: now no one need to extract files and folders manually, just click "Install" button right in SketchUp's Extension Warehouse window
You might want to hear some more details about what exactly 'quality' means. Well here is some guidelines for developers published on 'Developer Center' page:

Extensions offered through the Warehouse must be:
Useful: The extension should provide some useful functionality for SketchUp users.
Unique: Extensions must not simply duplicate existing features or services of the SketchUp client—they must significantly extend some core feature or add entirely new functionality.
Functional: Extensions must install and operate as advertised. The extension should not cause SketchUp to crash or perform slowly.
Safe: The extension should not, through the developer's malice, cause damage to the user's data nor to their operating system.
Documented: The extension should be documented. The SketchUp team will not document your extension for you.
Supported: The extension's developer should be available to answer technical support questions after users have installed the extension. The SketchUp team will not offer support to your users.
Packaged properly as an RBZ Archive: RBZ files are nothing more than ZIP archives of ruby scripts and other assets with a particular, internal folder structure. More on that below.

That's why it was decided to adapt all previously released LSS tools to Extension Warehouse requirements. And we are very glad to announce that LSS became approved publisher at Extension Warehouse and two extensions already successfully passed quality assurance test and were published!
Here is a link to LSS Store at Extension Warehouse:
And published extensions are:

Tuesday, April 2, 2013


Since I finally bought SketchUp Pro in addition to cool features of Pro version I gained Layout (it is a stand alone module, which is included in Pro version, for creating 2D design documents). First thing, that I decided to do with it, was creating portfolio of my SketchUp projects. The great thing is that possible to export layout document to PDF.
It took a while to gather all three-dimensional data for that purpose because I decided to include some old projects, but finally I completed this task and here is a result of my efforts: