Monday, February 22, 2010

Geometry Interpolated Curve

Link to download crvsmth.rb

How to use:

Non Interactive Way
1) put “crvsmth.rb” to “Google SketchUp 6\Plugins” folder
2) start SketchUp 6
3) draw curve or make curve from a set of edges using Rick Wilson's 'weld.rb' plugin
4) select curve, right-click on it, then choose “Geom Interpolation...” command from the context menu

Interactive Way
1) choose "Draw Geom Interpolated Curve..." command from "Plugins" item of the main menu
2) draw curve interactively (it begins to appear after the 3-rd point placing)
3) hit key or left double-click to accept drawn curve

ver 1.1.
New functions:
- curve control points added to change curve shape interactively
- "Delete initial curve" option added

Bug fixes:
- closed curve processing fixed
- first and last curve segments processing implemented

ver. 1.2.
New features:

- interactive drawing of the curve is added
- control points recall across sessions is implemented

ver. 1.3.
New features:
- interactive curve edititing added

ver. 1.3. demo video:

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  1. Hello Kirill!
    The first, thanks for your plugins, are spectacular. I'm a spanish user of Sketchup and i'm translating all the plugins for SU to spanish language, it's a personal project.
    Now i'm translating your plugins, if you want i send them for put in your blog for download.
    My name is Oscar but my artistic name is Oxer, my blog direction is and my personal mail
    Thanks again, bey!