Monday, September 30, 2013

LSS Zone

Today I'm proud to present a reason of my recent social media inactivity (and actually some other kinds of inactivity as well): "LSS Zone".
It took a while to code this extension and now first beta version is available to try out.

Lss zone from Кирилл Баннов

You can download version 1.0.0 beta here.

Some background information just for the records.
First of all I can confirm that SketchUp Pro and LayOut is a kind of a deadly combination for making sketch designs. In 2013 SketchUp 2013 was released and a lot of improvements were made in LayOut in particular, so LayOut became more powerful tool for 2D drawing and preparing design documentation.
As for me personally I was commissioned to design some projects for retail and I decided to use LayOut even to carry out some working drawings. Well I must say I'm happy enough with the end result (as well as my client) and I must say that the whole process wasn't time consuming that much, in contrast with other CAD tools I was using to prepare working drawings before.
One small thing (which was not automated yet) took significant time: it was necessary to numerate rooms on floor plans and then fill out some tables (rooms lists, floor materials lists etc). That's right, annoyance over making this tedious work finally led to an idea, that it must be automated somehow. So that's how 'LSS Zone' was born.

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