Sunday, October 27, 2013

LSS Zone 1.1

Despite the fact that it is a minor update it is an important one, because in addition to some interesting new features it has fixes of some more or less critical issues.

New Features

  • 'Layers Toolbar' added
  • 'Filter Zones' dialog added
  • handling of three zone types added (room, box, flat)


  • 'List Template' dialog updates results after 'Query string' changes as expected
  • report generator display properly grouped string values in a zones' list now
  • proper handling of a zero height of a zone implemented
  • picking a floor face in a model with multiple identical component instances works well now
You can download the latest version at official Download page.

Layers Toolbar

It is a set of shortcuts for all layers related to zone object. So it provides more quick and comfortable way of  layers visibility adjustment. And what is more important it is possible to switch off all other layers, which are not related to LSS Zone. It is a really handy feature for a busy model with a big set of layers.

"Filter Zones" Dialog

It is a really good addition indeed. You may appreciate it in a really busy model, which has a lot of zones. It helps to select sets of zones not by picking zones one-by-one, but by specifying some filtering conditions.
You may select all zones located on a certain floor or all zones with the same name or category. It is even possible to select all zones with the same name and located for example between 3 and 10 floors inclusively. Because it is possible to specify a range of values for quantitative filtering conditions instead of one fixed value.

"Zone Type" Selector

There are three zone types implemented in a current version:
  •  room
  •  box
  •  flat
'Room' type is for rooms obviously. It has all sub-elements, such as walls, floor, ceiling and openings.
'Box' type is supposed to roughly represent a building, so it doesn't have any excess elements, which 'room' type has. 'Box' type has only 'area' element and 'volume' element. List of attributes of 'box' type is also way more short in contrast with 'room' type. 'Box' type does not have any attributes related to finishing materials and openings.
'Flat' type is the most simple one. It has only 'area' element and doesn't store or represent any volumetric information. It was invented to represent some flat areas of a site plan. It doesn't have information about finishing materials either. It has only 'area', 'perimeter' and identification attributes.

Some More Minor Fixes

  • 'undo' of batch commands works well now
  • it is possible to clear contents of 'memo' property in 'Properties' dialog
  • interactive editing of existing zone shape is more stable ('ensure_planar' method added)
  • faces of zone's elements are now placed on 'LSS Zone' layer instead of current layer (for more convenient layers visibility adjustments)