Tuesday, December 23, 2014

LSS Arch 1.0

The new extension for SketchUp. Its goal is to help architects to design medium and small scale projects.
Extension can be installed directly from SketchUp 2015. Here is a link to extension's page at Extension Warehouse: http://extensions.sketchup.com/en/content/lss-arch

Version 1.0 introduces the following basic building elements:
Unified tool interface is provided to create building elements and then directly manipulate them: drag, rotate, generate arrays of copies (linear and radial).
Of course it is also possible to use native SketchUp tools to manipulate created 'LSs Arch' objects. There are two basic editing capabilities provided to process created objects:

Note that 'Properties' dialog also has some handy selection helpers: it is possible to filter selection in order to leave objects only of necessary kind in selection and it is also possible to expand selection by selecting objects, which are similar to already selected one.

Finally it is possible to attach labels to created building elements and generates lists (reports) of created elements:

Combined effect of all tools and capabilities makes possible to model buildings really fast. And what is more important it makes easier to handle design changes. So first of all LSS Arch is a great for productivity boost.
And finally the result model is not just a set of geometry, but more intellectual data structure, which allows to get and analyse quantitative information stored within created objects.

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