Friday, August 14, 2009

[Plugin] Blend for Sketchup

Link to download sublend.rb

Little plug-in, which creates intermediate curves from two existing ones.

1) put “sublend.rb” to “Google SketchUp 6\Plugins” folder
2) start SketchUp 6
3) draw 2 curves then select them
4) choose “Plugins>> Blend” command from the main menu
5) “Blend Settings” input box appears, specify "Steps count" (how many intermediate lines you want to generate) and click “Ok”

Versions history:
ver. 1.1
Functionality added:
- faces and one segment lines processing added
- surface generation from intermediate contours added
- some exception handling added (if no objects selected, then warning message box appears)
Bug fixes:
- steps count fixed (+1 step)
ver. 1.2
Functionality added:
- more exception handling added
- the surface formed by intermediate curves appears smoother now

ver. 1.3
Functionality added:
- all actions are joined to revert the drawing back by a single 'undo' command
- 'Surface only (supress contours)' option added- contours are joined to a single group now
ver. 1.4
Bug fixes:
- more exception processing were added to prevent known issues (complex geometry caused previous versions of the script failures)
- now if it is not possible to draw intermediate faces (some times intermediate points become non coplanar) script draws intermediate curves

ver. 1.6
Functionality added:
- selection filter added (script searches for 2 faces first, then 2 curves, then 2 edges single segment lines) now sublend appears to be more selection tolerant
- blending between face and curve, face and edge, curve and edge were added

Bug fixes:
- missing triangles of mesh when 2 curves or edges processes (the bug of ver. 1.5.)

Known issues:
- undo seems to work insufficient some times for the reason I don't know yet
- color blending refuses to blend alpha (opacity amount)

ver. 1.7.
Functionality added:
- blending between construction point and other supported entity types added (now face, curve and edge can be degraded to a point)
- "Blend" command added to the context menu

Bug fixes:
- selection filter updated
ver. 1.8
Functionality added:
- interaction with initial entities added (ver. 1.8. supports interaction with face/face, face/construction point)
Bug fixes:
- back face color blending fixed

ver. 1.9.
Functionality added:
- progress bar added (it is required while color blended mesh processes)
- color blended mesh generates smoothed now

Bug fixes:
- alpha channel blending fixed
- 'undo' processing fixed

ver. 1.11.
Functionality added:
- blending adjustment curve processing added (allows to set non-linear distribution of intermediate steps, refer to the demo video)
Bug fixes:
- statistic report fixed

Known issues:
- when processing adjustment curve for tracks group, faces appear also
- any change of one of the initial objects discards adjustment curve
fixing of issues demands major refactoring

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