Thursday, September 3, 2009

[Plugin] 2 Faces + Path

ver. 1.0.
Download link

Plug-in, which creates blended object from 2 faces + path curve.

How to use:
1) put “pathface.rb” to “Google SketchUp 6\Plugins” folder
2) start SketchUp 6
3) draw 2 faces and one curve then select them
4) choose “Plugins>> 2 Faces + Path” command from the main menu or from the context menu

ver. 1.2.
functionality added:
- adjustment curve processing added (it is available by choosing a command from the context menu, when blended group is selected, refer to ver. 1.2. demo video)

bug fixes:
- statistic report fixed

Known issues:
- adjustment curve usage for tracks group generates intermediate faces also
- initial faces changing discards adjustment curve
fixing of issues demands major refactoring

ver. 1.2. features videos (set of 2 videos):

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