Thursday, June 21, 2012

Geometrically Interpolated Curve Reincarnation

Congratulations to us all! Two most ancient scripts (pnts2mesh.rb and crvsmth.rb) were successfully or you may even say 'smoothly' adapted into new 'LSS Toolbar' infrastructure. The most significant side effect (positive one) of Geometrically Interpolated Curve script adaptation is that it caused creation of interaction pattern, which is also suitable for 3D surface interactive drawing as it turned out.
No more words, just demo video:

Um, few more words...
The second important thing is that all geometry stuff related to 'LSS Toolbar' tends to behave in a more interconnected manner (changes of one 'LSS Toolbar Object' cause instant refresh of other linked object(s) and that causes significantly more smooth user experience in turn, you can trust me as I'm an active user too, sometimes even hyperactive).

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