Friday, September 14, 2012

'Layered Cake' Concept Explanation

The most interesting approach implemented in version 2.0 of 'LSS Toolbar' is that result of each tool processing is a parametric object, so it is possible to continue interaction with it any time later after tool termination. Each 'LSS Object' has two basic parts:

  • 'passive' part — new geometric entities (a direct result of tool processing)
  • 'active' part — existing (initial) and/or newly generated (utility) entities

So it is possible to continue interaction with an object by modifying its 'active' part.
The significant side effect of the above mentioned approach is that it is possible to make 'layered-cake' objects: use 'passive' parts of some already made objects as an 'active' part of new ones. Extension refreshes the whole 'layered-cake' object in a cascade manner after an active part of a 'bottom level' object changes. It is also possible to play with 'active' parts at any level to affect 'top level' results obviously. The combine use of multiple 'LSS Toolbar' tools for object creation demonstrates synergistic effects of the whole extension.


  1. hey thanks for your wonderful work. i just want to ask you something. i installed the plugin it works fine many thanks but i dont have the control curve option. i wonder if im doin anything wrong?

  2. Well I added control curve option in the second edition of 2.0 beta. Then development suspended a bit after that so I didn't even widely published information about this update. The link to download the 2nd edition of 2.0 beta:
    The download link is also available at the official site on 'Download' page:
    It is necessary to erase previous version then unpack files of this updated version.

  3. Thankyou for this amazing work. Im so excited to use it. I have however had trouble when installing it into Sketchup Pro 2016. It says "Cannot find file :///lss_toolbar/pathface.html" Make sure the path or internet address is correct.
    It says the same message for each of the tools in the tool bar. I have checked that files are in correct folders ("plugin folder and Resources folder")
    Please advise how to get this amazing plugin working! Thanks