Tuesday, April 2, 2013


Since I finally bought SketchUp Pro in addition to cool features of Pro version I gained Layout (it is a stand alone module, which is included in Pro version, for creating 2D design documents). First thing, that I decided to do with it, was creating portfolio of my SketchUp projects. The great thing is that possible to export layout document to PDF.
It took a while to gather all three-dimensional data for that purpose because I decided to include some old projects, but finally I completed this task and here is a result of my efforts:

Projects 2009-2013 from Кирилл Баннов

I think that the most significant feature of Layout is that it is possible to use unified style to display all previously generated 3D data. Storing styles separately from 3D data is a great approach. For example you arranged almost all views and drawings in your 2D document but then decided to make that gray background of all drawings slightly less gray... Well it is the exact moment when you begin to realize the whole awesomness of separate style storing approach, because all you need is to edit background of an appropriate style to update all drawings in a cascade manner. Great isn't it?

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